How It Works

The Go Tattless goal is to provide the most gentle and relaxing experience possible. During your totally FREE consultation, our professionally trained technicians will explain the process and answer your questions. Once your consultation is complete it is now time to get you “un-inked”! There are just four easy steps per treatment.

  • Step One: The first step of the Go Tattless procedure is to simply assess a starting point and create the best plan to remove the first section of your tattoo.
  • Step Two: The second step in the Go Tattless process is prepping the skin for the procedure. During this time we clean and apply our proprietary non-abrasive products to your skin.
  • Step Three: Third step of the Go Tattless procedure is the part when your tattoo is removed. During step three our scar inhibiting formula is working away to “un-Ink” your skin.
  • Step Four: Step four is our favorite! This is when you smile and breathe a sigh of relief. We simply cover the treated area so it will not get wet and schedule your next treatment.

Each treatment after the first simply repeats these four easy steps!

When your first Go Tattless visit is complete, your confidence in the latest tattoo removal technology will be stronger than ever!


Michele, the Director of Nursing for Phoenix, AZ based Men’s Vitality Center and Vitality Skin and Body, recently had the Go Tattless procedure performed on her back.  Listen to what this experienced medical professional had to say!


Rosemary, the Go Tattless National Training Director, describes the aftercare process for the Go Tattless procedure.